Rusty Allen Airport
Lago Vista, Texas

Rusty Allen Airport (RYW)

Elevation: 1231 ft. / 375.2 m
Runways: 15/33
CTAF: 122.725
AWOS: 119.375 / (5112) 267-1365
Landing Fees: No
Lights: Dusk – Dawn
From City: 2 miles NE of Lago Vista, TX

Runway Information

Runway Dimensions: 3808 x 50 ft. / 1161 x 15 m
Surface: Asphalt, Good Condition
Runway Edge Lights: Medium Intensity

Runway                                                15                                           33

Traffic Pattern                                   Left                                           Left
Traffic Pattern Altitude                  2200 MSL                                2200 MSL
Elevation                                           1231 MSL                                 1231 MSL
Heading                                             151M / 161T                             334M/341T
Visual Slope Indicator                     2-Light VASI on left             2-Light VASI on left
Markings                                            Non-precision                        Non-precision
Instrument Approach                      GPS                                          None

Airport Services

Self Service Fuel available: 100LL
Parking: Tiedowns
Airframe service: Major
Powerplant service: Major

Airport Fees

Member (lot owner): Airport Usage Fee $275/year/lot
Airplane parking $400/year, /$50/month/ $5 night
Car/Vehicle Parking $100/year, $20/month, nightly free


In October 1994, the airport name was changed to “Lago Vista, Texas, Rusty Allen Airport” to honor the long-time community leader and former mayor who has been involved in every major improvement for over 20 years. Rusty Allen and George Eeds owned a 1942 Piper L-4Cub used for emergency stretcher evacuation during World War II. At that time, there were only 16 other aircraft and 10 buildings/hangers. In 2017, the Rusty Allen airport is home to 83 based aircraft.